Countdown to the vote! This is the amount of time you have left to vote in North Carolina.

Down Home Endorsements 2022

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8 Counties of Member-driven Endorsements

Each Down Home county chapter is led by local residents, so the issues that we organize around are always locally-based. Throughout the year, members engage in  projects that help serve and meet the immediate needs of their communities. This nonpartisan, local focus extends to political endorsements.

Because we are member led, each county chapter has its own list of endorsements. 

To see endorsements by chapter, click on the map above or visit the voting and endorsements page for each of our counties:


Voting in North Carolina in 2022

There’s a reason people in power have limited the voting power of rural people, women, the poor, and Black and Brown people. Our ancestors fought and died for the right to vote, and the powerful fought to keep it from them.

Voting isn’t the only way to build power, but it’s one of the strongest. Down Home’s mission is to create multiracial power so poor and working people in North Carolina can have a seat at the table. But guess what? The powerful are still trying to limit our access to vote. That’s why we think it’s critical to show up and let your voice be heard. 

Vote by mail: Now until Tuesday, November 1. Anyone can do this, and you don’t need a special reason to do it. Click for more info.

Early voting: Thursday, October 20 to Saturday, Nov. 5. You can register and vote at the same time. Click to find your one stop voting location.

Election day: Tuesday, November 8, 2022. You must be registered to vote. Click to look up your sample ballot. Click below to make sure you are registered.

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