Member Driven Candidates and Endorsements

Down Home chapters are led by local members and our endorsements are researched, interviewed and voted on by our members. Local members make strategic endorsements decisions in accordance with their local chapter platform and the needs of working people in their county.

Our vision is to elect working people to every office across rural North Carolina, from school boards to commissioners to the state house. To do this we have to build the skills of our membership so that they can run for office themselves.

Poor and working people need a seat at the political table when decisions are made. We do that through elections and through our members co-governing with the people we elect.

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Down Home Chapter Endorsements 2023

Voting in North Carolina

We have created a Down Home NC’s Voting Guide! We’re excited to help you exercise your right to vote and have your say in your community. Click on the link below to find important information to get started.

Alamance members on their endorsements

Granville members on their endorsements