Amy Deese
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Member Driven Candidates and Endorsements

Down Home chapters are led by local members and our endorsements are researched, interviewed and voted on by our members. Local members make strategic endorsements decisions in accordance with their local chapter platform and the needs of working people in their county. 

Our vision is to elect working people to every office across rural North Carolina, from school boards to commissioners to the state house. To do this we have to build the skills of our membership so that they can run for office themselves. 

Poor and working people need a seat at the political table when decisions are made. We do that through elections and through our members co-governing with the people we elect. 


Voting in North Carolina

People in power have purposefully limited the voting power of rural people, women, the poor, and Black and Brown people. Our ancestors fought and died for the right to vote, and the powerful fought to keep it from them.

Voting isn’t the only way to build power, but it’s one of the strongest. Down Home wants to make sure that everyone in our community can vote. Here are some ways you can vote in North Carolina. 

Vote by mail:  Anyone can do this, and you don’t need a special reason to do it. Click for more info.

Early voting: During early voting, you can register and vote at the same time. Click to find your one stop voting location.

Election day:  On election day, you must be registered to vote to cast a ballot. Click to look up your sample ballot.