Poor and working-class people should have a say when decisions are made about our communities.

At Down Home North Carolina, our co-governance work includes:

  1. Our members create and ratify our political platform to reflect rural North Carolina’s working-class values and needs.
  2. Our members interview and vote to endorse candidates who will work for working people.
  3. Our members work to elect working-class candidates and when there is not a candidate who reflects our values, we run for office ourselves.
  4. We show up and speak out at board meetings, monitor the activities of our local government, and meet with our local elected officials to make sure they are held accountable to poor and working people’s needs.

If you are interested in joining your local co-governance committee contact your local organizer.

Down Home Chapter Endorsements 2023

Hey y’all, take a look at some of the incredible candidates that Down Home members endorsed back in 2023! And guess what? We’ve got some new endorsements for 2024 on the way soon, so stay tuned!

Alamance members on their endorsements

Granville members on their endorsements