Down Home North Carolina
Mobilizing Small Towns
and Rural Communities.
Mountains to the Coast
and the Piedmont in-between.

Rural Organizing in North Carolina

Down Home North Carolina is a new organizing project led by the working people of North Carolina’s small towns and rural communities. 
Together, we are taking action to increase democracy, grow the good in our communities, and pass a healthy and just home down to our grandbabies.

Our Vision

  • All are welcome in Down Home North Carolina.

  • We unite to build the power and raise the voices of working people in small-town and rural North Carolina in order to take action on the issues that matter to us.

  • By weaving together our different experiences, we can shape a democracy that serves working people, where our labor is valued, and our food, water, and land are healthy.

  • Come on in y’all, we’ve got work to do.

Down Home is working to build multiracial power for working families across North Carolina.