Well, we made that clear: 98% of Down Home members vote to oppose Mark Robinson.

Dangerous. Harmful.Disasterous. Those are some of the words our members used to describe Mark Robinson. 

Last night, Down Home members issued a clear rejection of Mark Robinson, with 98% voting to oppose his candidacy to become North Carolina governor. 


Members from across the state gathered for a statewide Referendum on Robinson to review Robinson’s words, policies, and what he has proposed for North Carolina. After an hour and a half of personal testimony and conversation, our members issued a unambigious message: Mark Robinson is not the future we want for our beloved state. 


“If you want to be elected,” said one member from Johnston County about Robinson, “you have to show that you can represent all the people of North Carolina. Robinson cannot.” 


“He is dangerous and divisive,” said another member from Cabarrus. 


What does this mean for our work? This means that our members and field team have agreed that Mark Robinson is not our pick for NC Governor and we reject the extremist agenda he promotes and the hate and division he stokes in our communities.

The North Carolina we want is one that works for working people. We want the people in our communities to have safe and affordable housing, good wages, good healthcare, to have clean air and water, and excellent schools. We know this future is obtainable through organizing, and we know Mark Robinson would only block our way. 

Now we will put our member’s decision into action: Our door-knocking, deep canvassing, and phone banking efforts will start immediately and will proceed until we resoundingly defeat Robinson at the polls in November.

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