Climate Justice

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No matter where you live, no matter your race or income, we all need a safe and clean environment to thrive. At Down Home, we love our hometowns and rural communities and want to protect the soil we live on, the water we drink, and the air we breathe. 

Like us, environmental justice organizing has North Carolina roots. In the early 1980’s, working-class folks in Warren County took the world stage with their protest against a hazardous waste landfill that would dump soil contaminated by a big corporation into their town. Leaning on this history and working-class leadership, Down Home’s climate justice organizing connects working people with the climate crisis so that our work for clean water and a livable planet is rooted in real people and real communities that look and feel like North Carolina. 


The Future of Climate Justice

We are building a shared space for poor and working-class North Carolinians to organize against the impacts of large companies extracting from the planet. Working-class people are rooted in our communities and we should shape the policies and practices that strengthen and protect us.

If you are passionate about climate justice and want to organize with us to make this a reality, reach out to Jennifer, our Climate Justice Campaigner at [email protected].

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