Five Ways the Inflation Reduction Act Helps NC

It’s been a year since the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed in Washington, and it has the capacity to make a huge impact for everyday North Carolinians… if we make sure working-class people steer how this federal money is used in our communities.

The IRA represents the largest-ever investment in fighting climate change. It also lowers health care and prescription drug costs, raises taxes on corporations, and boosts funding for the Internal Revenue Service to go after wealthy people trying to cheat on their taxes.

In short, this is legislation for poor and working people, not the rich. For too long, we have suffered the burden of the decisions of the rich and powerful. As corporations have made huge profits, we have barely been able to make ends meet while our land and our communities have been suffering the impacts of climate change.

We know government can work for us…when we make it work for us. We don’t just vote for working-class candidates, but we hold them accountable to our needs. We show up at local board meetings; we research and propose policies and interventions; and we turn out the vote for those who prove that they will turn out for us. That’s the sort of work we need to be doing to make sure the IRA funds coming to North Carolina support and create opportunities for multiracial, working-class communities.

Five Ways the IRA Helps North Carolina: