A photo of Down Home members, joined by People's Action, holding signs at a rally in Washington, D.C., advocating for affordable housing.


Exciting news for Cabarrus County residents – especially renters!

Photo: Down Home joined People’s Action and folks from across the country in Washington, D.C. to advocate for affordable housing.

New online application now available for emergency assistance

We have big news to share, Cabarrus! We had a campaign to help those facing eviction, and we’ve won real benefits for working people.

Before the Cabarrus chapter of Down Home began our Evict Less, House More campaign in April, the Department of Human Services’ Crisis Financial Assistance Program was virtually unheard of and underutilized. 

The only way to receive an application was to call and have it mailed to you, or you had to show up to the department in person. We knew this wasn’t the best way to serve the people of Cabarrus, and that poor and working people were suffering and being evicted at alarming rates.

Now, thanks to our chapter’s hard work and the consideration of the County Commissioners, we are happy to share that there is now an online application for the program!

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance you can click here to apply. 

The full URL to share to access the application is: https://www.cabarruscounty.us/Government/Departments/Human-Services/Economic-Family-Support-Services/Crisis-Financial-Assistance

This program is designed to help families experiencing a financial crisis. This includes past due utility payments, those facing eviction and homelessness. Please share this blog with anyone who might be facing hardship, and help spread the word!