Chapter Review: 2023

Hello, checking in from rural North Carolina here. 

2023 was a busy year — our members across rural North Carolina were running local campaigns, running for office, and building base in their hometowns. Check out some of our work below. 


Alamance County: 


Our Alamance County members launched a powerful local Public School Strong team, responding to the serious underfunding of the county’s schools and the resulting mold crisis. Members helped appoint Seneca Rogers, a long-favored local candidate, to a vacancy on the local school board and knocked on an incredible 9,803 doors to get member-endorsed candidates elected in the municipal elections, including electing Dejuana Bigelow, the first Black woman to serve on Burlington City Council. 

Want to get involved in Alamance County? Contact Ebony at [email protected] 


Ashe County


Working families in Ashe County have long been squeezed between substandard housing, high rents, and vacation rentals eating away at the available housing stock. This year, our Ashe members launched a pressure campaign to secure a minimum housing code to protect poor and working-class renters– helping influence the Commission to allot money to a local non-profit for low-income housing support. Ashe members grew their skills, and now three local members have all filed to run for office in the county in 2024!

Want to get involved in Ashe County? Contact Dolly at [email protected] 

Cabarrus County:

Our Cabarrus County chapter secured a big win in 2023 as they successfully pressured local electeds to fund an eviction prevention program to help stabilize poor and working families during an affordable housing crisis in the area. Members then knocked on 2,733 doors during the municipal election, ushering three Down Home-endorsed candidates into local office. Heading into 2024, four Cabarrus members have filed to run for office for positions up and down the ballot. 

Want to get involved in Cabarrus County? Contact Jasmine at [email protected] 

Granville County

Through extensive on-the-ground organizing and door-knocking, our Granville chapter secured funding to reopen and maintain the neglected Granville Street Park, reminding the local government to properly invest in all communities on all sides of town. Our members also helped usher in some big electoral wins to the Oxford City Council, including electing member Guillermo Nurse as Oxford’s first Black mayor!

Want to get involved in Granville County? Contact Reeves at [email protected] 

Person County


Our members in Person County worked to build their base and increase their reach. Members conducted a deep listening session, inviting residents from across the county to weigh in on local issues including healthcare, housing, and education. The chapter is preparing for 2024 with one member running for County Commission and others working diligently on creating a political platform reflecting multiracial, working-class values. 

Want to get involved in Person County? Contact Sam at [email protected] 

Johnston County

Our Johnston County chapter launched a successful campaign to get the local government to help public school teachers afford classroom supplies, instead of paying for them out of pocket. Members also began researching the ways federal funds could be used locally to help offset the pocketbook impacts of climate change on working-class families in the area. Preparing for 2024, two local members have filed to run for the Johnston County school board. 

Want to get involved in Johnston County? Contact Liz at [email protected] 

Pitt County

Our newest membership is in Pitt County, a large Eastern county with both a significant city (Greenville) and a huge farming population. Local members have been busy in Pitt County conducting listening sessions to learn about what matters most to their neighbors and preparing to launch their chapter in 2024. 

Pitt County members are set to launch their new chapter in February 2024! They are exploring local issues and talking to their neighbors across the county to find out what they might organize around for their first issue campaign!

Want to get involved in Pitt County? Contact Carlos at [email protected] 

Three members from the Pitt County chapter proudly displaying their Down Home t-shirts, showcasing diversity

Vance County

Down Home members in Vance County have been busy knocking on doors and canvassing their community to learn more about what is on their neighbors’ minds. Our members are conducting listening sessions and preparing to launch an official Down Home chapter in early 2024. 

Want to get involved in Vance County? Contact Nick at [email protected] 

Watauga County

Down Home members in Watauga County secured multiple wins in 2023, including compelling their local board to change their public comments time to be more accessible for working people, and to fund housing measures in the county. Members also created a mutual aid group and an environmental group, and engaged in multiple service projects, including a regular trash clean-up. What’s more, a Down Home member was elected to Boone Town Council this year! 

Want to get involved in Watauga County? Contact Dalton at [email protected]