School Boards

North Carolina’s public schools are a huge part of most of our lives. Our schools are the place where many of us learned not only our educational fundamentals, but also how to be in community. They are where we met our best friends and where we developed relationships with people who were different from us and learned to value our community. 

Many of us at Down Home are parents and grandparents now and we see the value and benefit our teachers and schools provide to our own children. Unfortunately, over the last year our schools have increasingly been under attack from a far-right extremist campaign of manufactured outrage. Bullying, censorship, and harassment are not the values that represent our schools or our communities. 

If you value our schools and public education, we invite you to join into our growing movement to support and work with our county school boards as they make our schools the best places they can be.

We are fighting for things like an uncensored curriculum, safety, and full funding of North Carolina’s great schools. 

Get Involved!

Come on out to a school board event in your area! Tap or click above our event list.


Attend your next local school board meeting.

Fill out our School Board Strategies Interest Form and let us know what’s going on in your area!

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