It’s Back to School, no thanks to Mark Robinson.


Back to School is an undeniably sweet time. Sure, parents make jokes about finally getting the kids back out of the house but the truth is we love the hustle and bustle of kids getting out their new backpacks and, nervous and excited at the same time, boarding the bus. At school, our kids will learn and grow, they will interact and cooperate, they will be introduced to new ideas and new worlds. It’s the magic of learning. 


But not everyone feels that way. Lt. Governor Mark Robinson is waging a war against public education in North Carolina and now he wants to be our next governor. Teachers, parents, administrators, school support staff? They all say: No way. 


What has Mark Robinson done for public education? Nothing. He has merely attacked our schools, our teachers, and even our children since he came into the limelight. 


As Lieutenant Governor, Robinson has undermined public schools while ignoring critical needs. 


  • As Lieutenant Governor, Robinson used state resources to harass educators about so-called “indoctrination” in schools. 
  • Robinson has led efforts to censor educators from teaching the truth about our nation’s history.
  • He has said he doesn’t think that basic subjects like science and history should be taught in North Carolina’s schools.
  • He has called climate change, one of the most pressing issues affecting our children’s future, “godless junk science.” 
  • He has called for the State Board of Education to be eliminated
  • He wants to cut critical funding from our public schools in order to give taxpayer-funded vouchers to millionaires.
  • Robinson has championed and presided over bills that threaten and endanger children who identify in ways that he is not comfortable– children he calls filth. 

If Mark Robinson had his way, our kids wouldn’t be returning to happy, well functioning and well funded schools  — they’d be returning to empty library shelves, falling and failing test scores, and to classrooms that don’t feel safe or welcoming to all our children. 


For us, that’s a no-go for Governor. Sorry, Mark, we love our kids too much to let you have more power here. 

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