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Bridging Divides in North Carolina

The rich and powerful in North Carolina have spent a lot of time and energy making sure working people are divided by class, gender, region, and race. 

This is historically true– and its true today. In a time of deep polarization and division, Down Home members are working to bridge political divides and foster understanding between neighbors. This work is essential for the health of communities and our democracy here in North Carolina, as well as for building a broad, working class base.

Deep canvassing is a powerful tool that utilizes storytelling and meaningful conversations to build trust, empathy, and relationships across political divides.

Deep Canvassing

Down Homies in Cabarrus County getting ready to go out and knock on doors in their neighbors to talk about local elections and issues.
What is deep canvassing?

Deep canvassing is a method of political engagement that moves beyond traditional campaign canvassing techniques used by the political parties. Rather than simply promoting a candidate or a specific policy, deep canvassing focuses on engaging our neighbors through empathetic listening and personal storytelling. It aims to uncover shared values and experiences, humanizing each other and the political process.

Personal sharing and storytelling

Storytelling lies at the heart of deep canvassing. We know that our personal stories are important ways that we make sense of the world, and when we deep canvass we share them with others and, in turn, ask them to share. By sharing personal stories, we create an opportunity for individuals to connect on a human level, moving away from political labels and stereotypes.

The power of connection and storytelling is unleashed through deep canvassing.
Building trust

Deep canvassing emphasizes the importance of meaningful conversations. Instead of engaging in heated debates or trying to change someone’s mind, deep canvassers approach interactions with empathy and respect. When we deep canvass,  we actively listen to the concerns and perspectives of others, creating a safe space for dialogue, to examine their beliefs, and to consider alternative viewpoints.


The impact of deep canvassing extends beyond individual conversations. Studies have shown that deep canvassing can lead to increased empathy, reduced prejudice, and even changes in attitudes and behaviors. By creating space for dialogue and connection, deep canvassing offers an alternative to the divisive rhetoric and polarization prevalent in contemporary politics. It opens doors for collaboration, compromise, and the pursuit of common goals. It helps us build the “bigger we” we need to change North Carolina politics.

Impactful Conversations to Change North Carolina

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