Deep Canvassing

Building Bridges in a Divided Political Landscape

Connecting with our neighbors is at the heart of how our small towns work. That’s why Down Home puts conversation, connection, and learning at the heart of our work. 

To do this, we use a technique called Deep Canvassing. Deep canvassing serves as a powerful tool to bridge political divides. Through meaningful and compassionate conversations, we seek out places where we agree and built a movement off our shared goals. 

Watch this video with Bonnie Dobson, our Deep Canvass Manager, as she discusses how to have transformative conversations through deep canvassing. These conversations aim to change hearts and minds on the issues that often serve to divide us, and instead, encourage people to embrace more compassionate and equitable solutions.

A group of individuals from Cabarrus County preparing to go out and canvass their neighbors for discussions on local elections and issues.
Down Homies in Cabarrus County getting ready to go out and knock on doors in their neighbors to talk about local elections and issues.

Our Approach: Deep Canvassing to Counter Obstacles and Division

At Down Home North Carolina, deep canvassing is more than just a strategy – it’s a commitment to our community. Deep canvassing is essential to building a base of support for poor and working-class issues and is a proven way that reaches across divides and brings folks together across race, class, gender, and region. Our deep canvass volunteers cut through the culture war rhetoric and get to the heart of our home state.

The Broader Impact of Deep Canvassing

Deep canvassing isn’t just about winning elections; it has the potential to create meaningful change for North Carolina’s working class and poor folks on important issues. Through deep canvassing initiatives, we have successfully halted an expensive jail expansion project, have connected with voters about rural jobs and the economy, and worked to understand how transphobia is being used as a wedge issue to divide and distract us.

Take Action: Get Involved in Deep Canvassing Efforts

Come experience the transformative impact of deep canvassing for yourself!   By getting involved in our deep canvassing work, you will not only learn a valuable skill but also contribute to changing our communities and, likely, transform yourself in the process.

Contact our Deep Canvassing Team to get started, and stay updated on the latest news about deep canvassing at Down Home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Deep Canvassing

Q: What is deep canvassing?

A: Deep canvassing moves beyond traditional campaign techniques by focusing on empathetic listening and personal storytelling to engage our neighbors and find shared values.

Q: What is the difference between deep canvassing and regular canvassing?

A: There are distinct differences between the two approaches. Deep canvassing goes beyond surface-level interactions by focusing on fostering empathy, engaging in personal storytelling, and creating meaningful connections. Regular canvassing tends to rely more on delivering predetermined messages and gathering information for the purpose of voter targeting.

A team of enthusiastic volunteers from Vance County ready to hit the pavements and go door-to-door to speak with their fellow community members about important topics such as local elections, policies and other pressing issues.
A jubilant group of dedicated volunteers from Granville County, beaming with pride and joy, celebrating their successful door-to-door canvassing efforts.
Q: How does deep canvassing build trust?

A: Instead of heated debates, deep canvassers approach conversations with empathy and respect. By actively listening and creating a safe space for dialogue, we can build trust among individuals with different perspectives.

Q: What impact can deep canvassing have?

A: Deep canvassing has been shown to increase empathy, reduce prejudice, and even lead to changes in attitudes and behaviors. It opens doors for collaboration, compromise, and pursuing common goals.

Our latest news about deep canvassing at Down Home: