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We’ll save you having to read the 625 page bill and explain to you how the state budget impacts working families

Yesterday, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a $30 billion, 625-page bill that will cause harm to our state and its residents.


Working-class folks can and should celebrate the inclusion of Medicaid Expansion in the bill. This was a hard-fought win, brought by the tireless and serious organizing of our members and everyday North Carolinians who were fed up with being cut out of healthcare. But in this budget, this working-class win is pitted against other basic needs that our families have, such as public education. Until working people have power, they are going to use our needs as bargaining chips to push the agenda of the rich and powerful through. 

The budget makes it pretty clear who this Supermajority answers to:
Shady stuff they snuck in:
One more not-so-fun fact:

While Speaker of the House Tim Moore (R-Cleveland), gloated that he “Could not be prouder” of a budget that is intent on destroying public education in our state and harms our children, Governor Cooper, explained his decision not to veto this bad budget: 

“Health insurance for 600,000 more North Carolinians that brings more mental health and substance use disorder treatment, help for desperate rural hospitals and billions of dollars into our economy is a life-saving, monumental decision for our state. Make no mistake, overall this is a bad budget that seriously shortchanges our schools, prioritizes power grabs, keeps shady backroom deals secret and blatantly violates the constitution, and many of its provisions will face legal action. However, we must recognize this irresponsible legislature’s decade of refusal to expand Medicaid, which has caused life and death situations for so many North Carolinians and threatened the very existence of numerous rural hospitals. I will not allow people who are crying for help to wait any longer, so I am directing our Department of Health and Human Services to begin today the process for expanding Medicaid while allowing this budget to become law without my signature.”