We live in the health care gap. It’s time to #ExpandMedicaid.

North Carolina politicians need to make a decision.

Right now, more than 634,000 of us, our family, and friends are suffering in the Medicaid Gap. For years we have been waiting for our representatives to take action. For years, we have been going without health care and risking illness and debt.

Our stories and our voices matter. Together, we can win Medicaid Expansion and begin to close the health care gap. Along the way, we’ll create 43,000 new jobs and $21 billion in new wealth for North Carolina.

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Learn more about what it is like to live in the health care gap, and what Medicaid Expansion means for our friends and neighbors in small town and rural North Carolina.

Do you have a story about the health care gap? Has Medicaid saved your life? Our voices are powerful! Share your story with us here.