Upcoming in May: Candidate Interviews and Endorsements

If you have turned on the news, tuned in on the radio, or even opened up Facebook, you are probably VERY aware it’s a big election year. And with all the hostility and doom-saying, you might feel discouraged and overwhelmed.

We get that. But that feeling of helplessness we often feel is part of our opposition’s strategy. We have won before and we can win again.

In May, Down Home members are guiding our endorsement process from start to finish. Members research local candidates, their past positions and platforms, and finally conduct interviews with the candidates to find out more about how they will support poor and working folks like us. 

Our members bring their recommendations to their local chapter meetings about who to endorse and why. Dues-paying members can vote at those chapter meetings on the recommendations. If you want to be involved in any of these processes, make sure you reach out to your local organizer! 

To cast a vote in an endorsement at Down Home, one must:

  • Be a dues-paying member of the local chapter 
  • Have attended at least one chapter meeting prior
  • Live in the county where the race is taking place