Announcing North Carolina for All: A Working People’s Platform

In a statewide vote, Down Home members have overwhelmingly voted to ratify our 2024 political platform.

North Carolina for All: A Working People’s Platform is a clear vision of the North Carolina we want. Our state can be a place where everyone, no matter who you are or where you live, has access to basic needs and opportunities, where democracy is expanded to include all of us, and where we have the freedom to determine our own lives.

Our platform process was launched last September at our Roots of Power Convention. 

Down Home members have spent the months since gathering input, researching, debating, and writing North Carolina for All: A Working People’s Platform.

North Carolina for All features four major issue areas: 

          • Economy for All
          • Healthcare for All
          • Housing for All
          • Education for All 

Deep listening has always been at the core of our work at Down Home. We believe that the more people and opinions in the room, the better democracy can function. 

Thus, Down Home members spent months knocking on doors and holding listening sessions to gather community input and to ensure that our platform is aligned with the multiracial, working-class needs and values throughout the rural parts of our state.

Above: Members in Cabarrus County vote on North Carolina for All. 
Below: Members in Person County cast their votes. 

In March, Down Home members presented the North Carolina for All at their local chapter meetings and then took a vote. 64% of our membership base voted on the platform.


The mandate was clear: 

        • Economy for All passed with 98.3% in favor
        • Healthcare for All passed with 96.7% in favor
        • Housing for All passed with 98.3% in favor
        • Education for All passed with 96% in favor

North Carolina for All will guide our work going forward. It will steer us through our endorsement process for the 2024 elections, and inform our local organizing work and our engagement with local campaigns. 


Moreover, North Carolina for All is a call to action. It’s a clear vision of the future poor and working-class people want for ourselves– and it’s a pathway to achieve the wins we need to get there. 


Come on in, y’all. We’ve got work to do.


What next?

Now that the platform is ratified, our members will begin the process of interviewing local and statewide candidates and will use the platform as they vote on their 2024 candidate endorsements. This process is starting next week for some of the statewide work, and in the coming weeks for our local rural chapters.

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