“Everyone needs to put their hand on this plough.” Down Home members launch two new chapters.

We are growing! Our members in two more rural North Carolina counties have launched new Down Home chapters! 

In Pitt County, Down Homies gathered together at Parker’s BBQ in Greenville to celebrate the launch of their new chapter. Over plates of hushpuppies and slaw,  our members discussed what they believe “building power” with poor and working folks would look like in the county. 

“Power would have everyone represented,” said a grandmother who had brought her pre-teen grandson to the meeting. She talked about how some areas of the county are overlooked, while the people in power come from a concentration of wealthy families and business owners. 

“Power is self-determination. The ability to determine our own livelihoods,” said a young man who had come with his friends, commenting on the heavy policing of Black communities and the lack of opportunities in the county. 

“In Pitt County,” explained another participant, “We have one percent that controls everything from jobs to housing… everything. That’s why we need to shift the power.”


Down Home launched a new chapter in Pitt County, North Carolina this month. Above, the conversation over BBQ was lively!
Above, members in Vance County lead the first official meeting of their new chapter with a full house.

In rural Vance County, members expressed similar sentiments at their chapter launch.  Gathered in a large circle in the community room at the Henderson library, residents from all over the county check in with each other. Some were from Henderson, others from Kitrell and Middleburg.

“We need to build multiracial power because these issues impact all of us,” said a mom while balancing her toddler on her knee. Participants talked about the lack of activities for children and families in the county, as businesses such as the local roller rink have closed and parks are few and far between. 

The Pitt and Vance County chapters join the growing Down Home statewide network focused on rural power. Now that the members have launched official chapters, they will be able to vote on local issue campaigns to run (which both chapters will be doing in March) and make endorsements in local and statewide elections. 

If you are looking to get involved in Vance or Pitt Counties, reach out to our local organizers! 

Pitt County: Connect with Carlos at [email protected]

Vance County: Connect with Nick at [email protected]