School is out but school boards are IN!

Our public schools are being used as wedge to divide us.That’s why we are relentlessly and intentionally leaning in. 


We know that you– as a parent, as a teacher, as a student, as a grandparent, as a neighbor- know that our public schools need to be both protected and improved. 

Join us to learn more about how YOU can help organize in your community to make your local schools fair, diverse, reslient, and strong. More than 200 North Carolinians across the state have already completed the Public School Strong training. Will you be next? 


Can you join this growing movement by coming to our training on July 12th at 7 PM


At the training you will learn about how you can help build a local team of parents and educators in your county to show and turn out in support of our kids, teachers, and schools!

You can learn more about what is happening and how you can support public education through the Heal Together NC network calls… find this and all our events here.