New Campaign in Alamance County: Our Schools Our Dollars

Our Schools Our Dollars

The Our Schools Our Dollars Campaign aims to protect Alamance County funding that is already earmarked for our schools, and to prevent it from being reallocated for the proposed courthouse expansion. 

We want our children to attend schools that are structurally sound with teachers that have the pay and materials they need to do their jobs. Our County Commissioners need to invest in our young people and our future…….not a courthouse.

We are going to canvas door-to-door and phone bank in order to get our neighbors in Alamance involved. 

Working together we will pressure the County Commissioners to leave $2.9 million in public education funds alone and use them for their intended purpose.  

Our Demand

This campaign seeks to have the Alamance County Commissioners rule out using $2.9 million dollars from the education reserve fund as a source of funding for the new courthouse renovations. This would keep those funds available for use on the over $17 million dollars in repairs that have been identified as necessary throughout our school system.

The Community is Already Concerned About Schools

This campaign touches on an already widely felt and public problem. It affects almost everyone across all spectrums including race, gender, and socioeconomic status. 

With the school system being the county’s largest employer, almost everyone has a child in school or knows someone who does. So with the known problems with our schools, everyone will be motivated to stop the loss of the few precious funds we have set aside for our schools. 

Many people are already concerned in the community. Those that know about this issue are already outraged. 

Residents know how much our public schools need now, and to take more from our children is not right! 

The fact that the county commissioners would even consider reallocating this money for a courthouse is a slap in the face to all the residents to whom that money belongs.

Our demand is that the County Commissioners do not use the capital reserve funds for the courthouse renovations. The campaign is winnable. We need to convince the County Commissioners to look at other options to fund the courthouse renovations.

Help Us Make It Happen

We are mobilizing and organizing to convince the County Commission to do the right thing and invest in our kids, not take money away from them to upgrade the courthouse.

Want to get involved? We would love for you to join us! 

Email Down Home’s Alamance organizer Bryant, or you can also come to one of our events in Alamance. We have power together!