Organize and Fight: Mark Robinson is Dangerous for North Carolina

Mark Robinson is dangerous. We aren’t trying to be dramatic. We know this in our hearts. 

Lieutenant Governor Mark Robinson announced on Saturday that he is running for North Carolina governor. Our response? This is an all-hands-on-deck fight. 

Robinson has built his career off division and hate. As Lt. Governor he hasn’t introduced a single policy to help working people, but instead has spent his time as chasing fame amongst right wing MAGA extremists, speaking at Trump rallies, and appearing on right wing talk shows. Its almost as if he refuses to serve the people of North Carolina. His approach to governing is to amplify divisive talking points that turn North Carolinians against each other– all to build his own career.

He has gone after women, immigrants, the LGBTQIA+ community, and, yes, even Black people. This is why he is dangerous. He’s not here for us. He’s not our man.

Mark Robinson has:


  • Said that feminism is the work of the devil; he has said he would ban abortion completely in North Carolina
  • Said that loving God and being an LGBTQ ally are incompatible; he has called gay people “filth”
  • Unapologetically made numerous anti-Semitic and Islamophobic comments and spread dangerous misinformation on the history of the Holocaust

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Robinson has repeatedly attacked rights and institutions that working class folks know are important, such as our public schools and a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions. He has even attacked our kids. 

That’s why we must out-organize Robinson. He is simply not our man. 

We know the election is still a year and some change away, but we also know what a powerful and divisive force Mark Robinson has been designed to be. The far-right elements of the GOP that created him and moved him from obscurity into fame are going to use him as a weapon to divide us along race and class and we can’t let them win. 

Mark Robinson doesn’t represent us! He is a threat to working people.
We must stop Mark Robinson from becoming our next governor.

Below: Our members in Alamance County turned out to oppose Mark Robinson when he came to their county to announce his candidacy on Saturday. Are you ready to take action against Mark Robinson? Contact your local Down Home organizer to get involved