Down Home Cabarrus Launches Survey Asking For Local Input on Legal System

Last year, when we went door to door to ask local residents what they loved about Cabarrus County, we also asked what they felt needed to change. The answers were naturally varied but a consensus emerged: Local folks are concerned about housing, healthcare, and our schools. 

One other thing stood out, however, as we got to know our neighbors. We were told story after story about Cabarrus residents, especially poor people and people of color, having a tough navigating the local jail and local legal system: Bails are too high. Access to adequate legal representation feels of reach. We’ve decided that we need to follow up and learn more from y’all.

Would you take 5 minutes to answer this survey we have created?

Our members have created this survey so that we can gather local stories and data to guide our work. All your information is absolutely confidential– we would never share it with anyone without your consent. Providing your name and contact information is optional.

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Got questions about the survey or our local chapter’s work? Contact Jasmine at [email protected]