We’ve been fighting for far too long to make sure everyone has the health coverage they need.

By Gayle Schwartzberg

The North Carolina General Assembly has used every reason in the book to deny us: Iit’s too expensive, it’s not the right plan for North Carolina, it’s not the right time. Can I be honest? I’m sick of it. 

If a global health crisis isn’t the right time to get every single North Carolinian quality health insurance, then what is? 

If you are sick of it too, join us next Wednesday for our healthcare interest meeting.

Don’t Let Them Leave Money on the Table

Right now, Congress is working on a COVID relief package that – if passed – would bring in billions of dollars to our state IF we expand Medicaid. That’s an offer I want to make impossible for the NCGA to refuse.     

The data has always been on our side. Expanding Medicaid will create jobs, save the state money on health costs, give rural hospitals the funding they desperately need, and get coverage to folks at a time when we need it the most. But let’s be real: The NCGA doesn’t respond to the data. It’s time we make them listen to the people and our stories. It’s time they hear from those of use who, despite working full time, can’t get Medicaid coverage because we make too much money but can’t afford marketplace insurance because we don’t make enough. It’s time they hear from those of us who drive two hours to the only hospital in the county, just to be seen by a doctor for ten minutes who tells us to come back in a few days if our symptoms get worse. It’s time they hear from the people. 

Get Involved in the Fight for Healthcare

Next Wednesday at 5:30pm, I’m holding our first healthcare interest meeting of the year. I want to update you on what legislation is in the works right now, how the Medicaid fight is looking in the General Assembly, and what opportunities we have to win. But I also want to ask you to build this campaign with me. What are the health needs in your community? Who are the people you’re fighting for? And how do we build power for you to get the coverage you and your loved ones need?

Can’t make the meeting but know this is something you want to be involved in? We want you. Contact [email protected]