Why our members in Alamance County have endorsed Eric Henry.

“We can’t go back to the status quo.”

This is what Eric Henry said to Down Home members when asked about the unfolding events of 2020. From the global pandemic to the nationwide surge of protests and demands for reform, we do not choose to return to a former state of affairs. 

Eric Henry was raised right here in Alamance County. This means that he both knows and understands our county. It also helps explain his deep commitment to our small towns and cities, as well as to our rural areas. “It feels like everything he knows and understand comes from a farm,” observed one of our Down Home members.

Eric’s values might be rooted in the farms and fields, yet he wants the county to thrive in its entirety and rich diversity. He speaks of our county’s work ethic,of our diverse communities, of the land, families, farmers, and small business owners here. But Eric also knows that Alamance County hasn’t been working for everyone. 

As a small business owner, Eric has worked with many different people and industries in the county, ranging from farmers to shopkeepers. From this experience, he knows that families here struggle. That is why Eric backs a working-people’s platform that is meaningful and real. He will fight for a higher minimum wage, Medicaid expansion, and affordable healthcare for all county residents. Eric’s businesses already pay a $15 minimum wage for all employees and he is already a strong advocate for our county’s immigrant community, understanding that immigrant newcomers are vital to the county’s economy and enrich us culturally. 

So, when Eric says we can’t go back to the status quo, he means it. He knows that we can stay true to our county’s core values while also making important changes to lift the quality of life and equal access to justice for everyone living here. 

These are the reasons why Down Home Alamance members voted to endorse Eric Henry for North Carolina House District 64. We are going to spread the word about why Eric is the best candidate to represent us. We are going to vote for him in November, but we are also going to tell everyone we know all the reasons why. Will you help us? 

Will you get involved mobilizing your friends and families to vote for Eric in November? With Down Home’s Relational Voter Turnout Project we can give you all the tools you need to engage folks in your community. 

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