Why our Haywood members chose David Young for County Commissioner.

Down Home members spend a lot of time interviewing local candidates to determine whom we would endorse. 

This past summer, we sat down with David Young, not knowing what to expect. We only knew he was the owner of Mad Anthony’s in Waynesville and that he had an interest in local politics. We were eager, therefore, to see if he is aligned with our local member-created platform. Our answer? He absolutely is. 

What we discovered is that David Young is not just “interested” in local politics, but is dedicated to the intricacies of policy. He takes a pragmatic approach to local government that is very much in tune with regional issues that need to be resolved: the affordable housing crisis in Haywood and the related issue of homelessness, as well as the opioid epidemic hurting so many of our families.

David talked to us about the interconnection of these issues, arguing that, while complicated, they are not insurmountable. Instead, David wants to use money and other forms of underutilized assistance mostly left on the table by our current County Commission. We were struck by David’s sensible business approach to Haywood County problems that does not privilege the bottom line but instead privileges the strength and welfare of the community. 

In other words, David is an entrepreneur with heart. His platform highlights two key issues: affordable housing and increased support for public education. 

At Down Home, we see these issues as central to building power for poor and working folks in Haywood County. The county is at a crossroads and we need to choose wisely. Are we going to invest in the needs and tackle the crises of our community, making certain it is a healthy and affordable place to live? Or are we going to turn our government and its decisions over to the wealthy few? 

Down Home members in Haywood County have voted to endorse David Young for Haywood County Commissioner. We are committed to telling everyone we know about David and why we need him in office to represent us. You can help mobilize your community to support David and candidates like him by volunteering for Down Home’s Relational Voter Turnout Project. We will give you everything you need to activate your community. 

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