Why Down Home Madison members have endorsed Logan Clark for Soil and Water Commissioner.

Down Home Madison’s members have voted to endorse Logan Clark for Soil and Water Commissioner. We want to tell you why.

Logan grew up right here in Western North Carolina as part of a family that can trace their roots back generations on this land. Raised on farms, Logan may be young but he knows these hills, creeks, and hollers like the back of his hand.

When our Down Home Madison members researched and created our political platform and ultimately set out to interview local candidates this summer, we had one major question on our mind: what do we want to change in Madison County and what do we want to protect to keep the same?

Like all rural communities, Madison County is facing major changes. Some of them, like the proposed asphalt plant, are a threat to our local environment as well as to our local way of life. Other changes are innovative and would help protect what is best in our community— the landscape, the biodiversity, the people, and the traditions.

Logan embodies this necessary balance of “old” and “new.” He has fresh and original ideas, such as incorporating youth education into the Soil and Water Commission by partnering with local school districts, as well as ideas about how the Commission can work with farmers and local WNC alternative energy businesses. But these new ideas are not without grounding— they are rooted in Logan’s deep and veteran knowledge of Madison County’s farming and land, as well as of our people and communities.

From our interview with Logan we found him to be young and new to politics, but also both astute and wise. We came away from our conversation excited at the possibility of a new voice, and positive that he is the right person for the job.

Down Home Madison has voted to endorse Logan Clark for Soil and Water Commissioner. Not only will we be voting for him in November, but we are committed to spreading the word about Logan and why we want him in office.

Will you help? You can mobilize your community to support Logan and candidates like him by volunteering for Down Home’s Relational Voter Turnout Project. We will give you everything you need to activate your community. Learn more here.