Why our members have endorsed Dayson Pasion for Alamance School Board

“He’s always there with knowledge and solutions.” 

This is what one member said as Down Home Alamance voted to endorse Dayson Pasion for Alamance County School Board. 

It’s true. Dayson can rattle off relevant statistics, spell out who is who in decision-making seats, cite all the necessary and relevant resources needed, and then chart a path designed to get us there. This insight, skill, and ability likely have contributed to his well-deserved reputation as an effective and respected teacher in our schools.

Dayson supports students and teachers alike. His student-centered approach promotes restorative justice in our schools, arguing for fair and equitable treatment of students while guiding them to make the best decisions for themselves and their peers. Dayson similarly supports teachers’ needs, making sure his fellow teachers receive the training, support, and pay that they need as they educate our children. 

Down Home believes Dayson’s dedication to equity and inclusion makes him stand out as the right candidate for Alamance County’s School Board. He speaks knowledgeably about our county’s historically marginalized communities, as well as the need to privilege children who have been overlooked in decision making. Far too many parents and children know that gross disparities remain in the Alamance County school system. Not only are our schools highly segregated, but Black students are twice as likely to be suspended than white students, while Brown students are two times less likely to be tracked towards Advanced Placement courses. Regardless of race or background, this inequity puts all our students at a disadvantage. 

We no longer have to accept these inequalities as “just the way things are.” This is why Down Home Alamance members voted to endorse Dayson Pasion for the Alamance County Board of Education. 

At Down Home, we are committed to spreading the word about Dayson and why we believe he is the best candidate to represent our children and schools. You can help mobilize your community to support Dayson and candidates like him by volunteering for Down Home’s Relational Voter Turnout Project. We will give you everything you need to activate your community. 

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