Tell the NCGA: People over Profits!

The North Carolina General Assembly is reconvening this week for a short session and it’s our moment to tell them: During the pandemic, we need PEOPLE to matter more than PROFITS. 

Everyday North Carolina families like yours need help. 

Nearly 700,000 North Carolina workers have filed for unemployment in the last month, small local business owners are still scrambling to secure funds to keep their businesses afloat, and families who have loved ones incarcerated wake up and go to sleep scared everyday that the virus will continue to spread through jails and prisons. 

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians are still uncertain of what they would do if they woke up tomorrow feeling sick. Can they get tested? Can they afford to go to the doctor? 

North Carolina needs answers and needs action. 


Call on North Carolina Senate’s President Phil Berger, House Speaker Moore, and the North Carolina General Assembly to protect people, not profits, in North Carolina!

Tuesday, April 28th Medicaid Expansion Call-In Day!


Senate President Phil Berger

House Speaker Tim Moore

Sample Phone Script for Action Alert:

Hello, my name is _________ and I am calling from ____________. 

I am calling to ask Senate President Berger/House Speaker Moore to please expand Medicaid for the North Carolinians who are uninsured and need healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis. We are all at risk when any of our neighbors, family members or friends can’t get the care they need. We need Medicaid expansion to survive this crisis and beyond. This decision is in your hands!

Sample Email message for Action Alert:

Dear Senate President Berger/House Speaker Moore, 

With record numbers of North Carolinians filing for unemployment, I urge you to expand Medicaid for the hundreds of thousands who have lost their insurance benefits and paychecks during this unprecedented public health crisis.  

Those who have been saved from layoffs are the folks in our coverage gap who perform the essential work to keep our economy going. Our cashiers, childcare workers and gas station attendants desperately need to have health insurance coverage as they continue to make sure we are taken care of. When people are uninsured, they are less likely to seek care, jeopardizing their own health and unintentionally risking others. 

More than ever, North Carolina needs to expand Medicaid as both an economic boost and a public health intervention to provide North Carolinians with the coverage they need to protect their health and financial well-being. 

Additionally, our hospitals and community health centers need to keep their doors open during this public health crisis by being compensated for the lifesaving care they provide. With so many uninsured North Carolinians, Medicaid expansion is the fastest and most effective way to make sure that NC families, our economy and our healthcare system can survive this crisis and beyond. 


(Your Name)

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