Why we organize, and why they fight us: Down Home in our own words

Down Home North Carolina is an organization that fights to build power for poor and working people. We are democratically led by the members of our local chapters. These chapter members decide what issues we work on, who we endorse, how we use resources, and where we organize. 

Everyone is welcome at Down Home.

Our government is supposed to work the same way, representing the needs of all people. But our leaders increasingly favor only the wealthy few. The rich and powerful spend their money to win elections, write laws that make them even richer, and rig the system to prevent us from changing it. This is why healthcare is so expensive and education is underfunded. This is why poor and working people get left behind while big banks and big Pharma get rich.

We know that no one is coming to save the day for poor and working people, and that if we want to see change, poor and working people must use the power we have to make that change. We aren’t afraid to challenge a system that is rigged to benefit the wealthy few. We won’t remain silent while people we love are struggling to make ends meet. For these reasons, we expect to be attacked by people who want things to remain as they are. 

The rich and powerful keep us divided by building up fears based on race. They want us to be afraid of each other. They tell us to blame poor folks, immigrants, and Black folks for our problems. They pass laws that unequally penalize people of color and poor people to keep us afraid and fighting one another. The powers that be are afraid that white, Black, and brown working people will come together to win the changes that we deserve. 

So they attack us.

Every time a poor or working person runs for office, they will be attacked. Every time we raise money to support candidates that are endorsed by poor and working people, we will be attacked. Every time we ask for the changes we need, we will be attacked. They attack us because they know we can win.

We also know that working people have come together in the past to win big changes that make our lives better. The only way we, poor and working people of all races, will ever get what we deserve is by coming together to fight for our common interests. No matter where we come from or what our color, we all want pretty similar things. We all need healthcare when we are sick. We need quality education for our children. We need investment in our communities, not investment in prisons that tear our families apart. This is why we keep fighting.

To win these things, thousands of Down Home North Carolina members are hard at work in the communities we call home across the state. We are out in our neighborhoods knocking on doors, attending public meetings, holding demonstrations, raising money, and paying dues. We are building chapters of local people who have the power to win. And while many of our members can only afford to donate a few dollars a year, we work hard to put in the time and raise the resources we need to fight for our families, our communities, and our homes. 

We are proud of the issues we fight for, and we won’t run from them. We are proud of the candidates we support, and we won’t abandon them. We are proud of Down Home North Carolina, and we want you to join us. When working people fight together, regardless of race, we win. And no matter how they come for us, we plan to win. 

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