But what about the children!?! (We have real answers)

We spotted this sign last weekend in Raleigh while North Carolians gathered for Governor Cooper’s veto and it got us thinking:
There’s a lot of legislation being moved through the NCGA right now and none of it helps children. What are we doing as a society if we aren’t focused on the kids we brought into this world with us?
For any of you who are parents, like many of us here at Down Home are, our kids are the world. And there’s stuff they need. They need healthcare and decent homes. They need food and a good education. They need love and acceptance.
There’s nothing being pushed through the NCGA that addresses any of that right now. In fact, the opposite.
We want to build towns and counties and a state that’s not just good, but great for our kids.
  • Our members in Alamance County are doing that right now, as they try to stop their County Commissioners from stealing from their kids schools to give money to the courthouse. Learn more about this work here.
  • Our members in Ashe and Watauga Counties are doing that right now as they try to get housing codes that will help ensure children live in houses suitable to be called a home. Learn more here.
  • In Cabarrus County, our members are fighting evictions so that families aren’t so easily thrown out of their homes and kids lives are upended by displacement. Learn more here.
  • Our members in Johnston County are fighting for kids by asking the county commissioners to equip classrooms with basic supplies instead of making teachers dip into their own wallets to buy pencils and craft paper. Get more info on this campaign here.
  • And up in Granville County, our members are organizing to get a blacktop back into a local park so kids can play ball again. More here.
That’s what fighting for kids looks like not culture war bullshit.
If you want to join in any of these fights, or join our statewide work protecting public schools, find an upcoming event or meeting at Down Home here. 
There’s a better way to do politics, North Carolina. But it’s up to us to do it.