New Campaign in Ashe County: Renters Deserve Safe and Stable Housing

Renters Deserve Safe and Stable Housing

Our members in Ashe County are beginning a new budget campaign to help bring safe and stable housing to the High Country.

This campaign will be a push for Ashe County to adopt their own minimum standard housing code and ensure there is an inspector responsible for checking out complaints made by tenants within a reasonable time frame. 

This inspector should also be responsible for following up to verify that repairs have been made by the specified time. There should be a penalty system set up for landlords that do not make repairs within a reasonable time frame to recoup some of the cost of the inspector that will be responsible for checking out the complaints.

The Process

Our members canvassed the county to listen to working people to find out what’s needed. We consistently heard complaints and saw poor conditions of rental properties. Because of the high cost of housing and its scarcity, many renters are scared to complain for fear of having their leases terminated.

Members voted on this campaign and are dedicated to bringing change to Ashe.

What’s Next

We will be having a series of actions in order to organize and build power to let our elected officials know we need safe and stable housing. Three big upcoming public actions YOU can attend:

1. Ashe Campaign Launch Event!: Sat., 4/29 4p-6p(In-person) – West Jefferson Municipal Park, 201 S. Church Street, West Jefferson, NC. RSVP HERE

2. Chapter Meeting: Tue, 5/9 6:00pm (In-person) – Wilkes Community College – Ashe Campus. RSVP HERE

3. Ashe County Commission Meeting: Mon, 5/15 9am (In-Person) – Ashe County Government Building, 150 Government Circle, West Jefferson, NC, RSVP HERE

Contact Us!

Want to get involved? Have questions or want to share your own housing story? Email our organizer Dolly or you can also check out our upcoming events.