Why we have endorsed Andy Hall for Haywood County School Board.

Want to learn more about Andy Hall?

The members of Down Home Haywood have voted to endorse Andy Hall for Haywood County School Board.  

Andy Hall is not a politician: She says she has no filter and simply says what she thinks. 

But she is mother, a community advocate, and a longtime Haywood County resident and we believe that these facts give Andy the experience she needs to be a strong advocate for our teachers, children, and schools while on the Haywood County School Board. 

When Down Home Haywood members sat down to interview Andy Hall, we asked her why she chose to run for office. She explained to us that as a mother of children currently enrolled in Haywood County Schools, she knows firsthand how difficult it can be to navigate the school system. She believes that there are ways that we can make the process much easier and more accessible to all families. 

Andy also wants help children struggling in the schools. Andy says that we need to provide a sensitive and comprehensive approach to issues such as mental health and bullying in our classrooms, as well as search for new resources and approaches to better serve students with special needs. 

Andy shared with us three priorities that she would work on if elected to the Haywood County School Board: 

  • Exploring measures to support the mental health of students
  • Developing practices to curb bullying, especially focusing on bullying of students based on their race
  • Creating a school board that is inclusive of teacher voices, as teachers are best equipped to articulate what their students and classrooms need 

It is no secret that Haywood County Schools have faced serious challenges when it comes to representation and inclusion. Far too many parents and children know that gross disparities and sometimes outright racism remain in the Haywood County school system. A meme posted by the Superintendent, white supremacist graffiti scrawled on school walls, and the response of the current school board has made the serious need for change in November feel even more imminent than it was before.

This is why our members have voted to endorse Andy Hall for Haywood County School Board. We believe she is a voice that we need in the room when decisions are being made for our children and schools. At Down Home Haywood, we are committed to spreading the word about Andy and why we believe we need her in office. Can you help? 

You can help mobilize your community to support Andy and candidates like her by volunteering for Down Home’s Relational Voter Turnout Project. We will give you everything you need to activate your community. Learn more here.

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