Poet Clement Mallory talks to book lovers


Poet Clement Mallory celebrates books with his inspiring poem “My Love”

Poet Clement Mallory performed his inspiring poem “My Love” outside of the Schools Need Books event outside the Guilford County Board of Education building in April 2022. Mallory leads the program Kids Poetry Basketball. He uses poetry to empower youth through fun, educational programs that promote self-esteem, self-awareness and literacy.  

At the exciting event, with dozens in attendance, families and educators and writers stressed the need for investing in education. A Rockingham County history teacher proclaimed a love for reading banned books and community organizer April Parker, a former librarian, talked about how books broaden people’s experiences and encourages tolerance. “Literature needs to be free,” she said. “We need to be about more resources, and not restricting the resources we have.”

About Schools Need Books

Abbott was attending one of a series of events called Schools Need Books meant to bring positive attention to the librarians and staff working to bring books and learning to kids in public schools. During a time when public schools are under attack and books are being censored, parents and educators showed up to assert the need for education. Desperately underfunded for years, schools need books — not book bans.


April is School Library Month and the series of events will culminate in an online event recognizing librarians and staff nominated by people just like you. Have a nomination? Head to this easy form to tell us about the hardworking people in your public school library. They will be eligible for a gift card to buy much-needed materials in their media center!