Meet Our Deep Canvass Manager. Welcome to the team, Bonnie!

You've been doing this job for a while-- welcome to the team officially!

Wow thanks for the welcome! 

I have been Deep Canvassing with Down Home since May 2020 and have loved every minute. 

From the beginning deep canvassing has given me the tools to communicate with people I thought I had nothing in common with. It’s amazing having the opportunity to talk with folks across NC and discover our shared values and beliefs.

What is it about Deep Canvassing at Down Home that made you want to do this work?

After the 2016 election, I think I was in shock. I really wanted to find out what it was about Trump that appealed to so many of my friends and even some members of my family. But I didn’t not have a way to approach the subject till I learned how to deep canvass. Even though I still don’t have all the answers to my questions at least I can ask the questions now.  I can find common ground with people in my life I thought I lost and with strangers. That gives me hope and that keeps me going. That’s why this work is so important. It is true we all have more in common than our differences. 

What are you most excited about doing in your role at Down Home?

There is a lot to be excited about but probably what puts the biggest smile on my face is teaching other organizers how to deep canvass.

BBQ: Eastern or Western style?

Western, hands down!

Are you interested in getting involved with Down Home's Deep Canvassing or other work this year? We'd love to have you.