Don’t let them put criminalization over care! Take action to pass the MAT Act!

No matter what you look like or where you live, we all want to see our loved ones live long, fulfilling lives. But when it comes to the overdose crisis ravaging our communities, a few greedy politicians continue to put criminalization over care.

At Down Home and with our partners at People’s Action we’re fighting to change that! For the last two years, we’ve been working to pass the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act (MAT Act) which would remove stigma-based barriers to treatment for people with opioid use disorder. The MAT Act will increase access to buprenorphine – a form of medication assisted treatment which is the most effective form of treatment for folks with opioid use disorder. We need YOUR help to get the MAT Act over the finish line.

Let Congressional Leadership know that we want to MAT Act NOW!

Over the last two years, we have built strong bipartisan support for the MAT Act and were able to move it through the House in June 2022. It stalled in the Senate, but we are now pushing for it to be included in the end of year omnibus spending bill. We’ve gotten a commitment from Sen. Schumer to include it and now need to make sure that all our members of Congress are pushing equally as hard for it to be included.

Help us take this win home for our people by completing two action portals to contact members of congress: – targets your own members of congress – targets congressional leadership

We are almost over the finish line and with the impending change in congressional makeup, it’s more important than ever to get this won.