Ashe County School Board


Ashe County School Board: Our member endorsements

Our members in Ashe County have endorsed a slate of trustworthy public-school advocates for the Ashe County school board. It is their recommendation that you vote for BOTH this election.

These candidates will focus on giving our schools the resources they need, supporting educators, and keeping our students safe. They stand for things such as fully funding our public schools, making sure that our teachers and school staff are treated with dignity and respect, and creating an educational system where all children can be their authentic selves, learn, and grow.

They won’t let the manufactured outrage or culture wars that have been leveled at our schools distract them from what is important: Education. Education is the foundation of our communities and our democracy.

For these reasons, our local members have endorsed:

Dianne Eldreth and Polly Jones (VOTE BOTH!)

Days until the election!

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