Alex Jones and His Far Right Grift: Join us to learn more about disinformation and how we can stop it.

Just this afternoon, conspiracy theorist and far-right actor Alex Jones was just ordered to pay nearly $1 billion more to the families of eight Sandy Hook victims.

Many of us feel grateful that Jones’ disinformation campaigns might finally be catching up to him, but we are also very aware of the damage these campaigns can cause. It hits home for many of us who have had our families or friendships strained because of misinformation, conspiracy theories, and fake news over the last few years. But there’s a major difference between Alex Jones and the annoying family member ranting about “crisis actors” and QAnon. Jones is making millions. Everyone else is just collateral. 

As polls open next week, we want to protect our families and communities from fake news and bad information so they can engage in our democracy freely, safely, and fairly. That’s why Down Home has partnered with Cardinal & Pine and Courier Newsroom for a workshop on misinformation and disinformation next Tuesday, October 8th at 7 PM. These organizations do the hard work everyday of breaking through the noise and getting balanced and fair journalism into our communities. 

Come learn with us! Let’s build something safe, fair, and resilient for our communities.

Tuesday, October 8th, 7 PM

Misinformation and Disinformation Training

This event will be held on Zoom! Register to get the link! 

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