NC Election Questions Answered

Election questions? The Trusted Elections Tour has answers!

In 2020, we started to hear rumors: Mail in voting isn’t safe, dead people were voting, ballots were being thrown away..Memes and TikToks were circulating causing confusion over how votes would be counted on Election Day. Before anyone had cast their vote, pundits were saying the election was rigged. Our organizers tried their best to spread good information, but it felt like an uphill battle. 


And then The Big Lie happened. 


Election denial and election disinformation has not lost steam in rural North Carolina. Local Facebook groups continue to be flooded with false information and far-right activist groups have organized to challenge the results of the midterms. NC election officials are being harassed, sometimes even threatened, and many are bogged down processing an unprecedented number of requests for “evidence” while simultaneously trying to prepare for a safe, just, and fair election in November. 


Down Home has been working with a bipartisan group of individuals and organizations to form the North Carolina Network for Fair, Safe, & Secure Elections. This grassroots project was initiated by The Carter Center with a mission to create healthy dialogue and build consensus around election security and access in our state. We expect our endorsed candidates – and everyone in our community- to play by the rules and we  have signed onto the Candidate Principles for Fair Elections.


Recognizing an urgent need to enhance trust in our elections, the network is hosting the Trusted Elections Tour, a series of 14 town halls across the state to provide information on the electoral process, build trust in our voting system, and strengthen civil discourse. 


Find a tour date near you here. 


You can learn more about how elections work here from their online townhall.