HollyAnn Rogers for Person County Commission: Our Choice

HollyAnn Rogers is running for County Commission in Person County, where she is also a Down Home North Carolina member. 

For us, HollyAnn captures the spirit of Down Home and everything we stand for. She is spending her campaign not talking, but listening to people who live here. She is holding meet and greets, listening sessions, and having cups of coffee with voters all over the county trying to learn from them and hear what matters most. 


What is she hearing? She says she has heard that we care about education, about equity, and about economic development here in Person County. She has heard local residents talk about the investments they want to see in the county, such as renewable energy, broadband access, and building a public pool. Because these are the things we have told her matter, they are the things she will fight for when we help get her elected to the County Commission.

HollyAnn’s dedication to Person County is clear. She has seen the way that neighboring Wake County has grown and become unaffordable for many, and she wants to make sure that Person County handles growth responsibly and remains a place where working class families can thrive. “I may not have grown up here,” she explained to us, “but I plan to grow old here.” 

From our interviews with HollyAnn and getting to know her as a member, we know that HollyAnn Rogers will represent our needs and values well– she is our person for Person County Commission! 

At Down Home, our local members make our endorsements for their local community. They engage in an exhaustive interview and research process and then vote to endorse the best person to represent the multiracial, working class values we hold dear. To find all our endorsed candidates in Person County, click here

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