Down Home Kickoff In Cabarrus County!

Down Home members in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, relaunched their local chapter at a gathering in Concord last week. 

About 50 people joined in conversation and fellowship at the Down Home Cabarrus meeting space in Concord. “Together we can build something really powerful here in Cabarrus County,” explained Taeja Fitzgerald, local resident and  Down Home’s Cabarrus County Field Organizer. Down Home’s vision is to build that power with poor and working people in the area. “We have to build together if we want to win and this is where that can start,” said Taeja. 


The chapter launch comes on the heels of an extensive and ongoing “deep listening project” where local members and canvassers have been talking to local residents about what concerns them and what they would like to see change in their community. Preliminary results of this listening project can be found in our Cabarrus County Report here:

The first steps of the chapter members will be to work on creating their local platform, which they will then use to make endorsements for the 2022 election cycle. 


If you are interested in becoming a member in Cabarrus County or would like to get involved in the platform creation or endorsement process, please contact Taeja at [email protected]