Uphold public schools! New family workshops organize parents and educators

It’s time to get together and talk public education. Parents, teachers, and folks interested in public schools: H.E.A.L. (Honest Education Action & Leadership) Together is hosting a transformative series of workshops designed to help your schools get what they actually need. We’re asking folks to spread the word, invite their neighbors and friends, and bring the whole family. It’s time to remember why public schools are important and to address the REAL problems facing public schools, not the phony baloney scare tactics trumped up by extremists.

Public schools have become a battleground. What should be a place that centers kids and learning has become the front where radical extremists try to divide and conquer us. These are the things WE are seeing happening IN OUR COMMUNITIES in NC:

  • Proud Boys storming story time for 7-year-olds
  • Neo Confederates shutting down school board meetings
  • Would-be book banners doxing teachers on social media

We have to stand up against the bullies. That takes courage and power. It starts with knowing that we are in the majority; it just takes us acting like it to squash the bullies.

That’s how we can keep the focus on empowering schools to actually teach kids the truth and prepare them for the future. We want to dream together with you to create a vision for public schools our students and staff truly deserve.

Here’s how you can participate!

Come to a summer listening session. We call these “What do you want? What do you need?”

These are fun, family listening events (with childcare!) where you can get dinner and meet other concerned parents. Click on the links below to join in and let us know what YOUR public school needs.

Alamance-Burlington Public Schools: July 12

Guilford Public Schools: July 13

Cabarrus Public Schools: July 14

Questions or comments? Reach out to us!!

Contact Todd Warren, Down Home’s Statewide Education Strategist, for more info. You can also reach us by endorsing BOOKS, not BANS.

What is H.E.A.L. Together?

The NC affiliate, H.E.A.L. Together NC , anchored by the Education Justice Alliance (EJA) and Down Home NC (DHNC), is a working coalition to help align like minded groups addressing urgent school board threats. The coalition provides a framework of engagement in order to create the beginnings of a long-term structure that recognizes public school issues are key to us building real majorities across rural and urban counties. Co-chairs Letha Muhammad (EJA) and Todd Warren (DHNC) welcome collaboration with aligned organizations that are concerned about school board issues across the state.