Graham Police Office Douglas Strader attacks young man


Fire disgraced Graham Police Officer Doug Strader NOW!

What happened?

Who is Officer Strader?

  • Fired from Greensboro Police for using unnecessary deadly force
  • Hired in Graham after  being a part of the hog-tying death of Marcus Smith
  • Graham PD says he was hired “with the community’s best interests in mind”

What can we do?

  • Tell Graham City Council our community is sick of police brutality.
  • Demand Graham’s elected officials immediately FIRE OFFICER STRADER.
Flyer for Fire Officer Strader!

Why Officer Strader should be fired NOW

Officer Doug Strader worked for the Greensboro Police Department from 2004 until September 2020, when he was fired for using deadly force against a driver and passengers of a fleeing car. Strader is also one of the eight police officers who were involved in the death of Marcus Deon Smith, who was hogtied by police in September 2018. Smith died after being restrained facedown using a now-banned device known as the RIPP Hobble. Strader was hired by the Graham Police Department on March 1, 2021


Strader was fired for misconduct and subsequently secured employment at another law enforcement agency this is known as “wandering cop.”


His recent conduct will not tolerated in Graham, NC, This includes the beating of a 19 year old black child and the forceful arrest of a black man in his own apartment complex office while requesting a copy of his lease and records of past payments and ongoing maintenance issues. He threw him against a file cabinet and on the ground using unjustified violence to intimidate him as a tenant seeking information relevant to his rights which he received a charge for trespassing where he lives and resisting arrest