Find Out Who Filed For Office In Your County In Two Steps!

There are some big elections happening in North Carolina and a lot is at stake for poor and working class families. Will we be able to hold the balance in the statehouse so that we can pass important legislation like Medicaid Expansion? Will we be able to vote for working-class candidates who will fight to raise wages? Can we protect our school boards from being taken over by extremists?

Yes, yes, and yes. By working together, we can and will do all these things. But first, you need to arm yourself with information! Find out who the candidates in your community are by checking to see who filed. You can do this in just a few minutes and in two easy steps. 

  1. Locate your county board of elections. You can do this using this search tool:
  2. Locate the list (sometimes its a PDF, other times it’s just a webpage) of Candidate Filings. This will contain all the candidates for the county, including those who are running for school board, county commission, and sheriff, as well as anyone running for the North Carolina State House or Senate to represent your area. 

Confused about your district? Not sure which district you live in? Well, that’s no surprise as things have been changing! The US Supreme Court has upheld North Carolina’s latest maps, however, so you should feel pretty confident using them.

You can find both printable and interactive maps for the North Carolina House, Senate, and Congressional districts here:

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