Finishing the work for the working class: We are getting so close to Building Back Better

In a big, big win for working class North Carolinians, Congress passed part of the infrastructure agenda. The bipartisan infrastructure bill has passed both the senate and the house of representatives and will fund historic investments into our national infrastructure, including here in North Carolina.


Learn about how the bipartisan infrastructure bill will benefit North Carolina here. 


Now Congress still has important and unfinished business to complete for working class folks like us. We voted them into office and we won’t stop holding them accountable to us until the full Build Back Better agenda is passed. 


Tell Congress to finish the job and pass the Build Back Better Act to deliver on family leave, child and elder care, to extend the Child Tax Credit and to respond to the climate crisis facing our small towns and rural communities. 


Contact Congress Here


Following all the updates on Capitol Hill is a job unto itself, and we don’t doubt with your busy schedule you don’t have time for that. But trust us when we say that what happened last week is BIG NEWS: Congress passed a historic infrastructure package, making the biggest investment into our nation’s roads, bridges, good paying jobs, broadband and energy infrastructure that we have seen in our lifetime. 


While that bill is going to bring needed repairs and good paying, union jobs to our people back home here in North Carolina, we still need more. This isn’t because we are greedy, but actually quite the opposite: We have been patient for too long. 


Join us in calling on Congress to pass the full Build Back Better agenda by passing the budget reconciliation bill. No more cutting and slicing: If they want America to get back to work, they have to provide working class families with supports, including:


  • Childcare relief
  • An investment into the care economy
  • Family leave
  • Extended child tax credits

… And so much more


There has been a lot of back and forth about the cost of the budget reconciliation and if we can afford it. But the real question is: Can we afford not to do it? We have all seen what is happening across our country: Schools lack the funds to retain good teachers, parents struggle to keep their jobs because of the cost of childcare, care workers themselves can barely make ends meet. 


We can afford it if the ultrawealthy and big corporations pay their fair share. 


Will you email or call Congress today and tell them to STAND UP FOR WORKING PEOPLE and pass the full Build Back Better agenda? Will you tell them to #TaxTheRich to pay for it?