Concerned about affordable housing in Alamance? Yeah, we are too.

For the last month, we have been knocking on doors, making phone calls, and circulating a survey about housing in Alamance County. You might already know this because we knocked on your door or because you took the survey!

We started this work because we were concerned. We had already heard alarming data about our county: 27% of households here in Alamance are cost-burdened. In other words, 17,118 of us are having a hard time paying for a place to live. What’s more, a number of our own people– our members right here at Down Home Alamance–  are struggling. Some of us are behind on our rent, some of us are facing eviction, some of us are trying to move and having a hard time finding a clean, safe, decent place to live. 

Why is it that hardworking and good people are getting pushed behind in Alamance? This is this question that is behind all the conversations we have been having over the last month. 

Our preliminary data shows a very bad situation in Alamance: 

  • 20 percent of the people we have heard from so far are facing eviction.
  • Nearly half (45.5%) of respondents have said that bad credit makes it hard for them to find better housing, while 36% say they can’t move because they can’t afford a security deposit.
  • Another 22% have told us that they have a previous eviction on their record, meaning most landlords won’t even rent to them. 

Everyone deserves safe and affordable housing. Something needs to give. Something needs to change. 

Join us Wednesday, May 12th at 6 PM for a housing teach-in to learn more about the work we have been doing and to help us brainstorms ways that we can respond to this crisis in our community.