The Election Is Over: Time to Organize

Now that the election is over, we are ready to move on into some very important work.

Many in our communities feel a sense of relief with Joe Biden receiving the votes to become the next president, and we feel it as well. While Down Home is a non-partisan organization and most of our local chapters did not vote to endorse on the presidential level, we hope this marks an easier path towards healing. 

This path was carved by great people and great organizers here in North Carolina and across the country. We feel especially indebted to the work of Siembra NC, Michigan United, People’s Action, Lucha Arizona, Mijente, Hometown Action, Pennsylvania Stands Up, Equality NC, Advance NC, the Poor People’s Campaign here in North Carolina and across the country… and so many more. 

And this path was carved by our members and the hundreds and thousands of rural, working-class, and poor North Carolinians who are looking for a more just, equitable future and know the importance of multiracial organizing to get there. We made phone calls, we engaged our neighbors in deep and meaningful conversations, we registered people to vote, we volunteered our time to protect our polling places, and we mobilized entire communities, 

This election, we should celebrate our successes: We turned out in record numbers despite everything they tried to put in our way. We have also held steady and asserted that the basis of American democracy is that we pick our leaders – our leaders do not pick their voters. 

Our work is barely over– It has just begun. Elections and voting have always been just tools in our toolbox as we build power. Just as important is holding those put into power accountable to poor and working-class communities that we live in and love here in North Carolina. And even more important is how we organize and care for each other, right here, at home. 

This election is over, but the need to build power and organize deeply for poor and working power has never been so clear. Come into our work. Down Home organizes year-round, every day, in our rural communities. Find a local chapter near you.