HOLD STEADY: Count Every Vote

Our democracy is working. 

Our democracy is working when more people turned out to vote than in any previous election. The lines at polling places were long, early voting records were broken, absentee and mail-in ballots came pouring in. We are so proud of what we, collectively, have built. 

As we write, North Carolina and so many other states are still counting votes, double-checking and verifying ballots. What we know as of this morning: Over 7 million people have rejected Trump’s leadership. 

Our communities provided the votes and now we are making sure that the process works as it should and as it always has. We encourage our supporters to follow carefully vetted sources for your information over the next few days as the total number of votes counted will continue to shift and change.

Democracy takes time and is worth the wait. Although there are some who want you to think otherwise, when we take the time to #counteveryvote and verify the ballots, it’s a sign that our democracy is working. The voters did their job- now let’s support the election officials as they do theirs. Count. Every. Vote. 


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