Speak Out: The Big Decision in House District 119 and Western Carolina’s Values

Written by Christine Taber of Down Home Haywood

Folks, we have a big decision to make. House District 119 covering Swain, Jackson, and Haywood counties is up for grabs. Mike Clampitt’s record makes it clear he is not the right person to represent Western Carolina’s values.

In the middle of a pandemic and record unemployment,  Mike is against expanding Medicaid. That puts our rural hospitals at risk of bankruptcy and closure. Our local hospitals desperately need the influx of federal aid. This money is your federal tax dollars paid into the system coming back to our communities. This is not some form of welfare.

Furthermore, although he has given lip service to education funding,  he has supported policies that would prevent schools from reopening safely and our students being able to learn. 

Mike has repeatedly touted his stances on guns and abortion. I think we would all love to live in a world in which abortion was not necessary. However, in this world we should never accept government interference in health care decisions. That is sacred between you, your family, your doctors and God. 

As for guns, Democrats or anyone else will never come for your guns. That would require repealing the 2nd amendment as ratified by 38 of our 50 states. This simply will not happen.

Republicans are however gunning for your social security and coverage for pre-existing conditions.

A vote for Joe Sam Queen is a vote for individual freedom, economic security, education and health care.

Your vote is very important in this very competitive race.