This is our chance.

Our offices in Haywood… before we had to wear masks all the time.

This past weekend, Down Home organizers and volunteers helped unload boxes of teeshirts and pamphlets out of the back of a small hatchback and into the Down Home Haywood office. A woman sat on the floor of the office, sorting photocopies of candidate profiles on the carpet. 

Everyone looked a little tired. It was late on a Sunday afternoon and a rainstorm was coming in over the mountain. It had been another long weekend.

But the conversation was energizing, as was each other’s presence. Here we are in a tiny storefront, flyers and signs taped haphazardly to the window, in an often-overlooked town in Appalachia… and here we are making big, big plans. 

Because we know that this election season is our chance to reclaim our communities. We want to reclaim what it means to be a rural voter in the South. We know that we are multiracial, diverse, and ready for real change. 

Because our towns and counties have been neglected for so long, they are seen as fertile ground for the Trump administration and white nationalist organizations. But we know our communities as places where people can come together across race and class to solve the big problems we are facing: Economic insecurity, unaffordable housing and healthcare, poorly funded schools, and a justice system that sometimes feels so unjust. 

Building power to right these wrongs is the work we are doing across North Carolina as we push towards these important elections on November 3rd. And its the work we will continue to do the very next day.

We see the potential that exists in our communities. It’s time for candidates at every level of office to see it too. That’s why we are working tirelessly these next five weeks to activate, energize, and mobilize our communities to vote up and down the ballot.

We hope that you will get involved. We have hundreds of volunteers making phone calls, talking to their friends, reaching out to their neighbors, and telling everyone they know about the local candidates that will make a positive difference in our lives. 

This is our chance. There is no time to waste. Get involved today.