Down Home Jackson Announces 2020 Endorsements

Unprecedented unemployment. Families struggling to access the most basic healthcare. Underfunded schools trying to educate students during a pandemic. Housing prices so high that working families struggle to pay rent. Essential workers putting their lives on the line for low wages. Calls for justice for Black, Brown, and Indigenous lives. A rekindled movement to finally remove the Confederate statue from in front of our County courthouse. 

There is so much at stake right now in Jackson County. 

It is now that we need to decide if we are going to use the government to fix the problems we have in our rural communities– address the opioid crisis, repair our schools, protect affordable housing, help our neighbors access healthcare– or if we are going to turn the government over to the wealthy and to corporations for good? 

We are facing a very real impending economic and health crisis in Jackson County. At Down Home Jackson, we believe that we can and must vote in people who understand this crisis, who know who it will hurt the most, and who are dedicated to us all coming out stronger.

In 2020, we are voting for change and we are voting to protect our communities from harm. While many eyes are on the Presidental race, we also believe that the change we need can and must start right here at home. 

That is why our members have voted to support candidates up and down the ballot who are from same rural communities that we are from. These candidates know the struggles that Jackson County is facing best. 

From the Raleigh to Sylva, these are the candidates we want in the room when decisions are made for our futures.

Down Home Jackson members interviewed local candidates and have voted to endorse: 

We know, believe, and trust these candidates. They each are deeply involved in our communities and are activists, advocates, and volunteers throughout the county. They have proven records. We hope you will join us and support them in November.

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