The Holler: Down Home's Monthly Newsletter

Every month, The Holler brings you a look at the work we’ve been doing across the state to organize and build multiracial power for working people. Read issues below and then subscribe to stay in the know.

  • February 2024:  “People are trying to pay for groceries, trying to pay rent”, Public School Strong, Down Home expanding into more counties, and MORE (Download PDF)
  • December 2023: Medicaid enrollment, Public School Strong in Raleigh, housing and ethics in Ashe County, Down Home’s lawsuit over SB747, highlights from municipal elections, and MORE (Download PDF)
  • November 2023: Local elections! Plus: resegregation, climate justice, transphobia, and MORE (Download PDF)
  • October 2023: Parents across the state say “Enough is Enough” (Download PDF)
  • September 2023: Granville takes back a neglected park, the September Surge, and MORE (Download PDF)
  • August 2023: Why the ‘war on woke’ won’t work and 5 reasons we need working class candidates (Download PDF)
  • July 2023: “This is BIG,” says Cabarrus member Jayne. (Download PDF)
  • June 2023: Getting Public School Strong, members changing their local conversations, and MORE (Download PDF)
  • May 2023: Members building powerful campaigns, fighting extremism, and MORE (Download PDF)
  • April 2023: Boot camp, Medicaid Expansion, and more (Download PDF)